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Apex predator: Quiz


Question 1: [3] Apex predator species are often at the top of long ________, where they have a crucial role in maintaining the health of ecosystems.
HerbivoreFood chainCarnivorePredation

Question 2: ________, the primary prey of the gray wolf, became less abundant and changed their behavior, freeing riparian zones from constant grazing.
ElkMooseReindeerAmerican Bison

Question 3: One lake manipulation study found that when the non-native ________ was removed, lake trout, the suppressed native apex predator, diversified its prey selection and increased its trophic level.
Brook troutCrappieLargemouth bassSmallmouth bass

Question 4: [10][11] A commonly cited example of apex predators affecting an ecosystem is ________.
Yellowstone National ParkAbsaroka-Beartooth WildernessBitterroot National ForestGlacier National Park (U.S.)

Question 5: The respite allowed willows, aspens, and cottonwoods to grow, creating habitat for ________, moose, and scores of other species.
North American BeaverGerman languageBeaverEuropean Beaver

Question 6: [9] Such wide-ranging effects on lower levels of an ecosystem are termed ________.
Wild fisheriesMarine biologyTrophic cascadeBiomass (ecology)

Question 7: [17] ________, as first defined by Robert Paine for Seastars are apex predators within functional groups.
PredationKeystone speciesEcosystemConservation biology

Question 8: After the reintroduction of the gray wolf in 1995, researchers noticed drastic changes occurring in the ________.
Shoshone National ForestGreater Yellowstone EcosystemGrand Teton National ParkYellowstone National Park

Question 9: Some animals may be superpredators in some environments but not others, such as dogs and domestic ________, both of which can ravage ecosystems.
Gray WolfRaccoonLionCat

Question 10: For example, ________ and humans[7] are each apex predators, and yet they are omnivores that eat considerable vegetable material as well as much meat.
Brown BearGray WolfCougarGrizzly Bear

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