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Question 1: Research is being done now to develop valves that can be implanted using a catheter without open ________.
Artificial pacemakerCardiopulmonary bypassCoronary artery bypass surgeryCardiac surgery

Question 2: The closure of the aortic valve contributes the A2 component of the second ________ (S2).
Gallop rhythmHeart soundsCirculatory systemJugular venous pressure

Question 3: The first minimally invasive aortic valve surgery took place at the ________ in 1996.
NephrologyCleveland ClinicCardiologyGastroenterology

Question 4: During ventricular systole, ________ rises in the left ventricle.
PressureForceTemperaturePressure measurement

Question 5: Front of thorax, showing surface relations of ________, lungs (purple), pleura (blue), and heart (red outline).
BoneHead and neck anatomyHuman skullHuman skeleton

Question 6: The aortic valve is one of the valves of the ________.
Lymphatic systemCirculatory systemHeartTorso

Question 7: When the pressure in the left ventricle rises above the pressure in the aorta, the aortic valve opens, allowing ________ to exit the left ventricle into the aorta.
BloodRed blood cellBlood plasmaPlatelet

Question 8: Common causes of ________ include dilation of the aorta, previous rheumatic fever, infection, i.e.
Mitral regurgitationAortic insufficiencyAortic valve stenosisMitral stenosis

Question 9: Common causes of ________ include rheumatic fever, degenerative calcification, and congenital diseases such as bicuspid aortic valve.
Mitral stenosisMitral regurgitationAortic insufficiencyAortic valve stenosis


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