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Anyang: Quiz


Question 1: Tianning Si (Mansion Temple) was established during the ________ and has recently been restored by the Protection and Research Institute of Ancient Architecture of Anyang City and opened to the public.
Warring States PeriodQin (state)Spring and Autumn PeriodZhou Dynasty

Question 2: In August 1949 Anyang prefecture was detached from Henan and, along with Puyang and ________, consigned to the experimental province of Pingyuan.
KaifengShangqiuXinxiangNanyang, Henan

Question 3: Xiaonanhai, on the far western edge of the city, was home to prehistoric cavemen during the ________.
PaleolithicUpper PaleolithicStone AgePrehistory

Question 4: The northernmost city in Henan, Anyang borders Puyang to the east, Hebi and Xinxiang to the south, and the provinces of Shanxi and ________ to its west and north respectively.
Beidaihe DistrictHebeiShanhaiguanWuqiao County

Question 5: This was also the historic home of Zhou Tong, Yue's military arts tutor (though fictional sources place him in ________).
Baqiao DistrictLantian CountyShaanxiHu County

Question 6: At the beginning of the 14th century BC King Pangeng of the ________ established his capital 2 km north of the modern city on the banks of the Huan River.
Song DynastyHan DynastyShang DynastyZhou Dynasty

Question 7: Anyang's Tangyin County was the seat of Yue Village, birth place of the famous ________ General Yue Fei.
Ming DynastySong DynastyHan DynastyTang Dynasty

Question 8: The site is inscribed on the ________ list of World Heritage Sites.
UNICEFSpecial Court for Sierra LeoneUNESCOUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Question 9: The city, known as Yin, was the first stable capital in Chinese history and from that point on the dynasty that founded it would also become known as the ________.
Shang DynastyHan DynastyZhou DynastySong Dynasty

Question 10: This massive archaeological site was discovered in ________, excavated in the decades that followed and first opened to the public in the 1980s as the Garden Museum of Yinxu.


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