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Question 1: Although ________ are not experienced by every anxiety sufferer, they are a common symptom.
Panic attackBenzodiazepine withdrawal syndromePanic disorderAnxiety disorder

Question 2: [17] It is closely related to the personality trait of ________.
5-HTTLPRDASBNeuroticismPersonality psychology

Question 3: Panic attacks may be confused with ________ therefore only a doctor can differentiate between a panic attack or a heart attack.
Myocardial infarctionHeart failureCoronary artery diseaseIschaemic heart disease

Question 4: Tillich argues that this anxiety can be ________ as part of the human condition or it can be resisted but with negative consequences.

Question 5: Social Anxiety at the ________
Life (magazine)Open Directory ProjectTime WarnerJim Barksdale

Question 6: When anxiety becomes excessive, it may fall under the classification of an ________.
Anxiety disorderGeneralized anxiety disorderSocial anxiety disorderMajor depressive disorder

Question 7: In ________, anxiety is described as a response to a difficult challenge for which the subject has poor coping skills.
Educational psychologyEmotionClinical psychologyPositive psychology

Question 8: Physical effects of anxiety may include ________, muscle weakness and tension, fatigue, nausea, chest pain, shortness of breath, stomach aches, or headaches.
PalpitationTachycardiaCardiogenic shockBradycardia

Question 9: As such, it is distinguished from ________, which occurs in the presence of an observed threat.

Question 10: Hamilton in 1959, the scale predates the current definition of ________ (GAD).
Benzodiazepine dependenceGeneralized anxiety disorderSocial anxiety disorderBenzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome

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