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Question 1: In fact it appears to have happened at least twice, following different paths in protostomes and ________.

Question 2: In ________, the original dent becomes the anus while the gut eventually tunnels through to make another opening, which forms the mouth.

Question 3: ________, reptiles, and birds use the same orifice for excreting liquid and solid wastes, and for copulation and egg-laying; this orifice is known as the cloaca.

Question 4: ________ mammals also have a cloaca, which is thought to be a feature inherited from the earliest amniotes via the therapsids.
MarsupialPrimateEven-toed ungulateMonotreme

Question 5: The anus is an opening at the opposite end of an ________'s digestive tract from the mouth.

Question 6: ________ have two nether orifices: one for excreting both solids and liquids; the other for reproduction, which appears as a vagina in females and a penis in males.

Question 7: The development of the anus was an important stage in the ________ of multicellular animals.
EvolutionIntroduction to evolutionNatural selectionPopulation genetics

Question 8: Female ________ mammals have completely separate orifices for defecation, urination, and reproduction; males have one opening for defecation and another for both urination and reproduction, although the channels flowing to that orifice are almost completely separate.
Even-toed ungulateBatEutheriaXenarthra

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