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Anubis: Quiz


Question 1:
Who of the following is a parent of Anubis?
Dr. Robert Morton
Nephthys and Osiris or Set
Denise Frogatt
Hans Ehrenberg

Question 2: Anubis is the Greek name[1] for a jackal-headed god associated with mummification and the afterlife in ________.
SyncretismReligionPrehistoric religionAncient Egyptian religion

Question 3: The oldest known mention of Anubis is in the ________ pyramid texts, where he is associated with the burial of the Pharaoh.
Egypt (Roman province)New KingdomPredynastic EgyptOld Kingdom

Question 4: ________ tomb-seals also depict Anubis atop nine bows that symbolize his domination over the foes of Egypt.
New KingdomAncient EgyptAchaemenid EmpirePtolemaic Kingdom

Question 5: [3] At this time, Anubis was the most important god of the Dead but he was replaced during the Middle Kingdom by ________.
Set (mythology)OsirisIsisAncient Egyptian religion

Question 6: The critical weighing of the heart scene in ________ also show Anubis performing the measurement that determined the worthiness of the deceased to enter the realm of the dead (the underworld).
Four sons of HorusAncient Egyptian religionMaatBook of the Dead

Question 7: In later times, during the Ptolemaic period, Anubis was merged with the Greek god ________, becoming Hermanubis[7][8].

Question 8: Part of a series on
GnosticismSyncretismAncient Egyptian religionPrehistoric religion

Question 9: In Book XI of "The Golden Ass" by ________, we find evidence that the worship of this god was maintained in Rome at least up to the 2nd century.
Berber peoplePlatoAlgeriaApuleius

Question 10: Anubis is depicted in funerary contexts where he is shown attending to the ________ of the deceased or sitting atop a tomb protecting it.
Ancient Egyptian technologyMummyAncient Egyptian religionAncient Egypt

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