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Question 1: The department of Sucre in ________ and the city of Sucre in Bolivia are named after him.
Colombian armed conflict (1964–present)ColombiaQuindío DepartmentValle del Cauca Department

Question 2: Later theories implicated different (or additional) individuals, such as Juan José Flores, Agustín Gamarra, and ________.
José María ObandoSantiago Pérez de ManosalbasFrancisco de Paula SantanderSimón Bolívar

Question 3: The victory ensured the independence of Peru and Alto Perú, which Sucre and others soon established as the new country of ________, thus ending all fighting for independence in Spanish South America.

Question 4: According to one noted Venezuelan genealogist, Sucre is a descendant of Charles de Succre, a member of a French-Flemish family appointed by the king of Spain to be governor of ________.

Question 5: In late 1828, at the urging of Bolívar, the Congress of ________ named him President of Congress.
Gran ColombiaGranadine ConfederationImmigration to ColombiaColombian peso

Question 6: In 1821, Bolívar put him in charge of the campaign to liberate Quito, and Sucre won a decisive victory at the ________ on May 24, 1822.
EcuadorEcuadorian War of IndependenceMilitary career of Simón BolívarBattle of Pichincha

Question 7: He proved himself an able military leader; in 1818, he was promoted to the rank of colonel and in 1821, at the age of 26, he was given the rank of ________, making him one of the youngest Generals in the army.
Second LieutenantBrigadier GeneralMilitary rankMajor General

Question 8: The former currency of ________ was the sucre, and the State of Venezuela in which he was born, Cumaná, was renamed Sucre.

Question 9: On December 9, Sucre decisively captured the bulk of the Spanish troops and command, including the ________, at Ayacucho.
ViceroyAudienciaPortugalSpanish Empire


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