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Anton Drexler: Quiz


Question 1: In the summer of that year he travelled to ________ to address a meeting of German Nationalists from northern Germany.

Question 2: ________[1] sprang up from the audience to rebut the argument.
SchutzstaffelNazi PartyAdolf HitlerNazi Germany

Question 3: It was entitled My Political Awakening and, according to Hitler's writing in ________, Hitler's autobiography, it reflected much of what he had himself decided upon.
NazismMein KampfAdolf HitlerNeo-Nazism

Question 4: Drexler was also a member of a völkisch political club for affluent members of Munich society known as the ________.
National Socialism and OccultismAriosophyAdolf HitlerThule Society

Question 5: At Hitler's behest, Drexler changed the name of the Party to the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or ________) early in 1920.
SchutzstaffelAdolf HitlerNazismNazi Party

Question 6: Anton Drexler (13 June 1884 – 24 February 1942 (aged 57)) was a German ________ political leader of the 1920s.
Neo-NazismNazismAdolf HitlerFascism

Question 7: Born in Munich, Drexler was a machine-fitter before becoming a railway locksmith in ________ in 1902.

Question 8: He was a poet and a member of the völkisch agitators who, together with journalist Karl Harrer, founded the German Workers' Party (DAP) in ________ with Gottfried Feder and Dietrich Eckart in 1919.

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