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Question 1: Later, rumors circulated that Cermak, not Roosevelt, had been the intended target, as his promise to clean up Chicago's rampant lawlessness posed a threat to ________ and the Chicago organized crime syndicate.
Frank NittiAmerican MafiaChicago OutfitAl Capone

Question 2: [5] One of the first people to suggest the organized crime theory was reporter ________, who happened to be in Miami the evening of the shooting.
Marilyn MonroeFred AllenWalter WinchellJack Benny

Question 3: [1] In 1928 he ran for the ________ and was defeated by Republican Otis F. Glenn, receiving 46% of the vote.
United States CongressHart Senate Office Building111th United States CongressUnited States Senate

Question 4: Part of the episode Objects in Motion of the television series ________ is based on the circumstances of Cermak's death.
Crusade (TV series)Babylon 5Babylon 5: The Lost TalesBabylon 5: The Gathering

Question 5: In addition, Zangara was electrocuted in Florida's ________ on March 20, 1933, for he could not be charged with murder until Cermak died.
Electric chairLethal injectionExecution by firing squadCapital punishment

Question 6: In 1943, a ________, the SS A. J. Cermak was named after Cermak.
Victory shipLiberty shipT2 tankerKaiser Shipyards

Question 7: Born in Kladno, ________ (now in the Czech Republic), Cermak emigrated with his parents to the United States in 1874.
Holy Roman EmpireOttoman EmpireAustria–HungaryGerman Empire

Question 8: In Philip Dick's Man in the High Castle, FDR is killed by not having a Zippo lighter in his pocket, thus the ________ win World War II.
Nazi GermanyIon AntonescuAxis powersItalian Social Republic

Question 9: The Gun of Zangara (1960) (TV) at the ________
Amazon.comCDNOWBox Office MojoInternet Movie Database

Question 10: The Man Who Dared (1933) at the ________
CDNOWBox Office MojoAmazon.comInternet Movie Database

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