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Antinomianism: Quiz


Question 1: It's not faith and works; it's faith that works. See also ________, article on James 2:20 [19], Romans 2:6, Ephesians 2:8-10, Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification.
LutheranismJustification (theology)Law and GospelBaptism

Question 2: For the critique of partial observance of the law, see ________.
Cafeteria ChristianityCatholic ChurchNew CovenantAntinomianism

Question 3: people to worship God in ways contrary to the law." In Acts 21:21 ________ explained his situation to Paul:
New TestamentJesusJames the JustSaint Peter

Question 4: Quakers were charged with antinomianism due to their rejection of a graduate clergy and a clerical administrative structure, as well as their privileging of the Spirit (as revealed by the ________ of God within each person) over the Scriptures.
George FoxYearly MeetingInner lightClerk (Quaker)

Question 5: Thus he shortly after the ________ circumcised Timothy (Acts 16:1-3), and he was in the very act of observing the Mosaic ritual when he was arrested at Jerusalem (21:26 sqq.)."
History of ChristianityDevelopment of the New Testament canonPaul of TarsusCouncil of Jerusalem

Question 6: ________ accused the Jesuits of antinomianism in his Lettres provinciales, charging that Jesuit casuistry undermined moral principles.
Thomas AquinasBlaise PascalDuns ScotusJansenism

Question 7: In contrast, ________ urged that repentance must precede faith, and that knowledge of the moral law is needed to produce repentance.
LutheranismPhilipp MelanchthonMartin LutherMatthias Flacius

Question 8: Other Protestant groups that have been so accused include the ________ and Mennonites.
Christian denominationProtestant ReformationChristianityAnabaptist

Question 9: See also Old Testament Law directed at non-Jews and ________.
BibleMosesLeviticus 18Talmud

Question 10: Some claim Jesus rejected complete adherence to the ________, see also The Fig Tree.

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