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Antineutrino: Quiz


Question 1: Antineutrinos interact with other matter only through the ________ and weak forces, making them very difficult to detect experimentally.
General relativityIntroduction to general relativityEquivalence principleGravitation

Question 2: In physics, antineutrinos are the ________ of neutrinos, which are neutral particles produced in nuclear beta decay.
AntiparticleQuantum field theoryElectronAntiproton

Question 3: They have a spin of 1/2, and they are part of the ________ family of particles.
NeutrinoLeptonStandard ModelElectron

Question 4: If neutrinos are indeed Majorana particles then the ________ process is allowed.
Double beta decayProton–proton chain reactionAlpha decayDouble electron capture

Question 5: ________ experiments indicate that antineutrinos have mass, but beta decay experiments constrain that mass to be very small.
Standard ModelKamioka ObservatoryNeutrino oscillationElectron


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