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Question 1: If activated cytotoxic CD8+ T cells recognize them, the T cells begin to secrete various toxins that cause the lysis or ________ of the infected cell.
Signal transductionTranscription factorApoptosis-inducing factorApoptosis

Question 2: This includes parts (coats, capsules, cell walls, flagella, fimbrae, and toxins) of ________, viruses, and other microorganisms.
CorynebacteriumGram-positive bacteriaBacteriaGram-negative bacteria

Question 3: ________ are examples of immunogenic antigens intentionally administered to induce acquired immunity in the recipient.
Antihypertensive drugAntiviral drugVaccineAntibiotic

Question 4: They become activated and start to secrete ________.

Question 5: Tumor antigens can also be on the surface of the tumor in the form of, for example, a mutated receptor, in which case they will be recognized by ________.
Plasma cellB cellAdaptive immune systemT helper cell

Question 6: Cells present their immunogenic-antigens to the immune system via a ________.
AntibodyPhagocyteNatural killer cellMajor histocompatibility complex

Question 7: Cytotoxic T lymphocytes that recognize these antigens may be able to destroy the tumor cells before they proliferate or ________.
Cancer stagingHead and neck cancerCancerMetastasis

Question 8: ________ - A class of antigens which cause non-specific activation of T-cells resulting in polyclonal T cell activation and massive cytokine release.
EndotoxinPore-forming toxinExotoxinSuperantigen

Question 9: ________ and nucleic acids are antigenic only when combined with proteins and polysaccharides.

Question 10: By ________ or phagocytosis, exogenous antigens are taken into the antigen-presenting cells (APCs) and processed into fragments.
EndocytosisReceptor-mediated endocytosisPotocytosisEfferocytosis


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