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Question 1: ________ or competing ferro- and antiferromagnetic interactions may lead to different and, perhaps, more complicated magnetic structures.
Spin iceSpin glassGeometrical frustrationFerromagnetism

Question 2: In materials that exhibit antiferromagnetism, the magnetic moments of atoms or molecules, usually related to the spins of ________, align in a regular pattern with neighboring spins (on different sublattices) pointing in opposite directions.

Question 3: This provides the ability to "pin" the orientation of a ________ film, which provides one of the main uses in so-called spin valves, which are the basis of magnetic sensors including modern hard drive read heads.
IronMagnetic fieldCobaltFerromagnetism

Question 4: In contrast, at the transition between the ________ to the paramagnetic phases the susceptibility will diverge.
CobaltIronMagnetic fieldFerromagnetism

Question 5: [1] Above the Néel temperature, the material is typically ________.
ParamagnetismFerromagnetismFerrimagnetismMagnetic field

Question 6: Antiferromagnetism plays a crucial role in giant magnetoresistance, as had been discovered in 1988 by the ________ winners Albert Fert and Peter Grünberg.
Nobel PrizeNobel FoundationNobel Prize controversiesNobel Peace Prize

Question 7: This is, like ________ and ferrimagnetism, a manifestation of ordered magnetism.
CobaltFerromagnetismMagnetic fieldIron


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