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Question 1: This results in an ________ that can be used to counteract poison produced by certain species of snakes, spiders, and other venomous animals.
Immunity (medical)AntibodyVital BrazilAntivenom

Question 2: The antidotes for some particular toxins are manufactured by injecting the toxin into an animal in small doses and extracting the resulting ________ from the host animals' blood.
Immune systemAntibodyAdaptive immune systemAutoantibody

Question 3: Ingested poisons are frequently treated by the oral administration of ________, which absorbs the poison and flushes it from the digestive tract, thereby removing a large part of the toxin.
Whole bowel irrigationCarbonChelation therapyActivated carbon

Question 4: For example, the poison ricin, which is produced from the waste byproduct of ________ manufacture, has no antidote, and as a result is often fatal if it enters the human body in sufficient quantities.
Olive oilPalm oilLinseed oilCastor oil

Question 5: An antidote is a substance which can counteract a form of ________.
PoisonLead poisoningMercury poisoningArsenic poisoning

Question 6: This should not be confused with use of a ________ which cuts off blood flow completely - often leading to the loss of the limb.
Emergency tourniquetTourniquetSurgical tourniquetBleeding

Question 7: Some animal venoms, especially those produced by ________ (e.g.

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