Antidepressant: Quiz

Question 1: ________ is also a worrying condition associated with the use of SSRIs.
Huntington's diseaseParkinson's diseaseSerotonin syndromeAlzheimer's disease

Question 2: However, this does not apply to ________, the transdermal patch form of selegiline, which due to its bypassing of the stomach has never been reported to induce such events [29].
EmsamSelective serotonin reuptake inhibitorSt John's wortSerotonin syndrome

Question 3: Obstetrician and perinatologist Adam Urato told the ________ that patients and medical professionals need advice free of industry influence.
Dow Jones & CompanyNew York PostThe Wall Street JournalThe Times

Question 4: These new drug therapies became ________ in the 1950s.
Controlled Substances ActNew Drug ApplicationOver-the-counter drugPrescription drug

Question 5: All major antidepressant drugs, except trimipramine and mirtazapine, suppress ________, and it has been proposed that the clinical efficacy of these drugs largely derives from their suppressant effects on REM sleep.
HypnagogiaNarcolepsyRapid eye movement sleepDream

Question 6: Fluoxetine was developed at ________ in the early 1970s by Bryan Molloy, David Wong and others.
Eli LillyIndiana18th Independent Battery Indiana Light ArtilleryOliver Hazard Perry Morton

Question 7: Antidepressants often cause ________, and difficulty tolerating these is the most common reason for discontinuing an effective medication.
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitorAdverse drug reactionAdverse effectPharmaceutical drug

Question 8: Antidepressants are used with care, usually in conjunction with mood stabilisers, in the treatment of ________, as they can exacerbate symptoms of mania.
PsychosisMajor depressive disorderBipolar disorderSchizoaffective disorder

Question 9: Various opiates and ________ were commonly used as antidepressants until the mid-1950s, when they fell out of favor due to their addictive nature and side effects.

Question 10: ________ published in the Archives of General Psychiatry showed that up to one-third of the effect of SSRI Treatment can be seen in the first week.
Odds ratioBlind experimentRandomized controlled trialCrossover study

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