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Anti-tank rifle: Quiz


Question 1: The introduction of armoured cars and tanks resulted in the development of the first ________ weapons, among the first of which were high-powered rifles.
Anti-tank warfareT-34Korean WarAnti-tank rifle

Question 2: Mauser ________ with Patrone SmK Kurz 7.92 mm
Gewehr 98Karabiner 98kLee-EnfieldGewehr 1888

Question 3: The usefulness of rifles for this purpose ran from the introduction of tanks in World War I into the early ________, when they were rendered almost entirely obsolete.
Soviet occupationsWorld War IISecond Sino-Japanese WarCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War II

Question 4:
  • ________
    Boys anti-tank rifleStenBrowning Hi-PowerLewis Gun

Question 5: Though tanks and armoured cars were vulnerable to artillery, mortars, and grenades, infantry was at a significant disadvantage when facing ________ since they had no effective direct fire weapon.
Tank classificationSelf-propelled gunArmoured fighting vehicleArmoured warfare

Question 6: This had about a 30% chance of penetrating the 8 mm armour of contemporary tanks if it struck the armour at a perpendicular ________.

Question 7: An anti-tank rifle is a ________ designed to penetrate the armour of vehicles, particularly tanks.
Service rifleRifleMagazine (firearms)Firearm

Question 8: Vehicle armour became too thick to be penetrated by rigid projectiles from rifles that could be carried by a single soldier, and anti-tank rifles were replaced with shaped-charge weapons of which the best-known is the ________.
M16 rifleCarl Gustav recoilless rifleBazookaM2 Browning machine gun

Question 9: Similar anti-materiel rifles exist today, such as the ________.
Barrett M82M16 rifleHeckler & Koch MP5M2 Browning machine gun

Question 10: The first purposely-designed infantry anti-tank rifle was designed by ________.

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