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Anti-social behaviour: Quiz


Question 1: This category of behaviour is encouraged given the possibility to use ________, to be anonymous (or develop false identities), and the feeling of impunity.
Joseph StalinStage namePen namePseudonym

Question 2: Some complaints of anti-social behaviour made to the ________ are often not cases of anti-social behaviour at all.
ShariaLawPoliceCommon law

Question 3: It may be intentional, as with vandalism or ________, or the result of negligence.
Hip hop musicHip hopHip-hop danceGraffiti

Question 4: Persistent anti-social behaviour may be a manifestation of an ________.
Passive–aggressive behaviorNarcissistic personality disorderBorderline personality disorderAntisocial personality disorder

Question 5: Anti-social behaviour has also appeared with the development of the ________ with phenomena such as trolling.
InternetWorld Wide WebInternet Relay ChatE-mail

Question 6: Lack of such behavioural changes is cause for concern, as this may lead to depression and ________ later in life; however, continued aggression can indicate more severe problems.
Mental confusionAnxietyHostilityEmotion

Question 7: However, if they start to let off ________, knock over a garden wall or shout abuse at passers-by, their behaviour is obviously anti-social.
HawaiiFireworksUnited StatesConsumer fireworks

Question 8: In 2003, in an attempt to curb anti-social behaviour, the British government introduced the ________.
Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008Crime and Disorder Act 1998Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003English law

Question 9: In preschool-aged children, an increase in ________ is normal, but parents should teach their children the proper lessons.
TestosteroneEstradiolMajor urinary proteinsAggression

Question 10: This introduced the ________ ("Asbo"), a civil order that can result in a jail sentence of up to five years if broken.
United KingdomEnglandAnti-social Behaviour Act 2003Anti-Social Behaviour Order

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