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Anti-ship missile: Quiz


Question 1: This is a capability that only the U.S. Navy has now, with its long-range, supersonic, F/A-18 Hornet fighter planes, and formerly with the ________ fighters with their very long-range Phoenix missiles.
F-11 TigerA-6 IntruderF-9 CougarF-14 Tomcat

Question 2: The next year, ASMs were fired by both American and Iranian forces in ________ in the Persian Gulf.
Operation Zafar 7Iran–Iraq WarOperation MorvaridOperation Praying Mantis

Question 3: Anti-ship missiles were used in the 1982 ________.
Falkland Islands Defence ForceFalkland Islands sovereignty disputeFalkland IslandsFalklands War

Question 4: Further products were to follow, and they were soon sighted on ________'s Tu-95 Bear and Tu-22 Blinder bombers, in the case of the air-launched KS-1 Komet.
Soviet Air ForcesRussian Air ForceSoviet Air Defence ForcesUkrainian Air Force

Question 5: In 2006, Palestinian ________ renegades fired an AShM at the Israeli corvette INS Hanit, inflicting battle damage, but this warship made it back to Israel in one piece.
Lebanese Civil War2006 Israel–Gaza conflict2006 Lebanon WarHezbollah

Question 6: In 1967, the Israeli Navy's destroyer Eilat was sunk by a Styx missile launched by Egyptian missile boats off the ________.
Suez CanalSix-Day WarSinai PeninsulaEgyptians

Question 7: Modern stealth ships – or ships that at least employ some ________ – to reduce the risk of detection and to make them harder target by the missile itself.
F-117 NighthawkF-22 RaptorStealth aircraftStealth technology

Question 8: reduction of their ________ (RCS) and hence radar signature.
Stealth aircraftStealth technologyElectromagnetic radiationRadar cross-section

Question 9: Anti-missile missiles (such as the Sea Sparrow, SA-N-6 Grumble, SA-N-9 Gauntlet, the ________, the Standard missile, or the Royal Navy's Sea Wolf missile)
RIM-116 Rolling Airframe MissileAIM-120 AMRAAMAIM-9 SidewinderMIM-104 Patriot

Question 10: Anti-ship missiles are ________ that are designed for use against ships and large boats at sea.
Active radar homingMissile guidanceAIM-120 AMRAAMCruise missile


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