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Anti-Iranian sentiment: Quiz


Question 1: Harry van Bommel, a parliamentarian of the ________ (SP), condemned this berufsverbot, deliberately using a German word which is associated with the Second World War.
Socialist Party (Netherlands)Pacifist Socialist PartySocial Democratic LeagueDutch Labour Party

Question 2: origin weaponry[7] and by normalizing relations with the Iraqi government, broken during the 1967 ________.
1948 Arab–Israeli WarSix-Day War2006 Lebanon WarYom Kippur War

Question 3: [15] In May 2005, the ________ network broadcast a special program called Iran: The Nuclear Threat, hosted by Chris Wallace.
Fox Business NetworkCNNFox News ChannelBloomberg Television

Question 4: Iran's Minister of Culture Hossein Saffar Harandi has called the disrespect to the Persian ________ by some Pan-Turkists as the "introduction to Anti-Iranianism".
Persian literatureAsadi TusiFerdowsiShahnameh

Question 5: In the war, Iraq made extensive use of chemical weapons (such as mustard gas) against Iranian troops and civilians as well as Iraqi ________.
Assyrian peopleIraqi KurdistanIraqi peopleKurdish people

Question 6: [13] The mentioning of Iran was later ________ to the fictional Middle Eastern state of Qurac and panel with the image of the Ayatollah removed.
Crisis on Infinite EarthsAlan MooreRetroactive continuitySuperhero

Question 7: [36] Iran's cultural advisor to president ________ has called the film an "American attempt for psychological warfare against Iran".
Iranian presidential election, 20099/11 conspiracy theoriesCynthia McKinneyMahmoud Ahmadinejad

Question 8: [94] Canadian author ________ claims that pan-Turkist groups have encouraged anti-Iranian sentiments.
Military historyWargamingOsprey PublishingRichard Nelson Frye

Question 9: The 2004 film Alexander by American director ________ has been accused of negative and inaccurate portrayal of Persians.
JFK (film)W. (film)Scarface (1983 film)Oliver Stone

Question 10: In 2010, a ________ car dealer in Pensacola, Florida filed a suit for defamation and slander for allegedly being maliciously labeled a "terrorist" because of his origin.
Iranian AmericanIranian citizens abroadPersian JewsIranian Australian


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