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Antheridium: Quiz


Question 1: An antheridium (plural: antheridia) is a ________ structure or organ producing and containing male gametes (called antherozoids or sperm).

Question 2: Many ________ and some fungi, for example ascomycetes and water moulds, also have antheridia during their reproductive stages.
PhotosynthesisWild fisheriesAlgaePlant

Question 3: During ________, this generative cell divides and gives rise to two sperm nuclei.
FlowerPollinationPlantFlowering plant

Question 4: It is present in the gametophyte phase of lower plants like mosses and ________, and also in the primitive vascular psilotophytes.
FernEmbryophyteFlowering plantGymnosperm

Question 5: In many gymnosperms and all ________, the male gametophytes have been reduced to pollen grains and their antheridia have been reduced to a single generative cell within the pollen grain.
Flowering plantFernEmbryophytePlant


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