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Question 1: At frequencies used in antennas, the ground behaves mainly as a ________.
Maxwell's equationsPermittivityMetamaterialDielectric

Question 2: Antennas can be made resonant on ________ frequencies with lengths that are fractions of the target wavelength; this resonance gives much better coupling to the electromagnetic wave, and makes the aerial act as if it were physically larger.
Perfect fourthUnisonHarmonicOctave

Question 3: One of the goals of antenna design is to minimize the reactance of the device so that it appears as a ________ load.
Electrical impedanceElectrical conductionElectric currentElectrical resistance

Question 4: The ________ is a directional variation of the dipole with parasitic elements added which are functionality similar to adding a reflector and lenses (directors) to focus a filament light bulb.
Shintaro UdaYagi antennaIwatsu ElectricHidetsugu Yagi

Question 5: An example of an inefficient antenna is the simple Hertzian ________, which radiates over wide range of frequencies and is useful for its small size.
Phased arrayHelical antennaDipole antennaAntenna (radio)

Question 6: The antenna feed refers to the components between the antenna and an ________.
AmplifierOperational amplifierCommon emitterElectronic amplifier

Question 7: More commonly, the impedance is adjusted at the load (see below) with an ________, a balun, a matching transformer, matching networks composed of inductors and capacitors, or matching sections such as the gamma match.
Antenna (radio)Smith chartAntenna tunerImpedance matching

Question 8: In 1895, while testing early radio apparatuses in the Swiss Alps at Salvan, Switzerland in the ________ region, Marconi experimented with early wireless equipment.
Monte RosaGran ParadisoTeideMont Blanc

Question 9: The ________ consists mainly of a square conductor mounted over a groundplane.
MicrostripAntenna (radio)Microstrip antennaPatch antenna

Question 10: The ________ is simply two wires pointed in opposite directions arranged either horizontally or vertically, with one end of each wire connected to the radio and the other end hanging free in space.
Dipole antennaHelical antennaPhased arrayAntenna (radio)


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