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Antelope Valley: Quiz


Question 1: It is home to hundreds of plants like the Joshua Tree, Scrub Oak, Creosote, and the ________.
AlfalfaArizonaCalifornia poppyUnited States

Question 2: ________ space shuttles originally landed at Edwards because the lake beds offer a vast landing area.
NASASpace RaceSpace explorationHuman spaceflight

Question 3: Father Francisco Garces, a Spanish ________ friar, is believed to have traveled the west end of the valley in 1776.
Dominican OrderCatholic religious orderFranciscanCarmelites

Question 4: ________ noted writer, public speaker, philosopher, psychonaut, and ethnobotanist graduated from Antelope Valley High School in 1965.
Annual cannabis use by countryCannabis (drug)Psilocybin mushroomsTerence McKenna

Question 5: ________ came through in 1827, and John C. Fremont made a scientific observation of the valley in 1844 along with his other California explorations.
Sacramento, CaliforniaMountain manSouthwestern United StatesJedediah Smith

Question 6: The Muroc Joint Unified School District provides all public school education for ________, and the northern Antelope Valley communities of North Edwards, and Boron.
Kern County, CaliforniaBakersfield, CaliforniaEdwards Air Force BaseRidgecrest, California

Question 7: ________ has a satellite campus in Lancaster.
ArizonaUniversity of PhoenixAxia CollegeApollo Group

Question 8: ________ and its Keller Graduate School of Management has a satellite campus in Palmdale.
Columbia UniversityNew York UniversityDeVry UniversityLong Island University

Question 9: Historically known regionally for its extensive ________ fields and fruit crops, farmers now are growing a wider variety of crops, such as carrots, onions, lettuce, and potatoes.

Question 10: Hispanics are the next largest group, followed by ________ and Asian Americans.
African AmericanAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)Great Migration (African American)African American culture

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