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Question 1: Antelope are even-toed ruminant ________.
PrimateMammalMammal classificationEven-toed ungulate

Question 2: ________), "recurved" (e.g.
SteenbokBlue WildebeestGiraffeGreater Kudu

Question 3: Like many other ________, antelopes rely on keen senses to avoid predators.

Question 4: What does the following picture show?

  Gerenuks can browse on their hind limbs
  Antelope horns
  Illustration from The History of Four-footed Beasts (1607).

Question 5: Antelope are not a ________ or taxonomically defined group.
PhylogeneticsCladisticsComputational phylogeneticsClade

Question 6: Confusingly, the ________ of North America is not an antelope, and no antelope species are native to the Americas.
PronghornMountain goatMooseBighorn Sheep

Question 7: The gnus and gazelles of ________ perform some of the most impressive mass migratory circuits of all mammals.
South AsiaEast AfricaKenyaSouthern Africa

Question 8: The word talopus and calopus, from Latin, came to be used in ________.
Swedish heraldryPolish heraldryHeraldryGerman heraldry

Question 9: Their ability to run swiftly has also led to their association with the wind, such as in the ________, as the steeds of the Maruts and the wind god Vayu.
VedasPurusha suktaRigvedaMahabharata

Question 10: ________ in particular has high numbers of gaming ranches, as well as habitat and climate that are very hospitable to African plains antelope species.
United StatesOklahomaTexasIllinois


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