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Question 1: [6] [7] [8] [9] The dig continued for several seasons until 1978, when the ________ intervened.
Zbigniew Brzezinski1953 Iranian coup d'étatRuhollah KhomeiniIranian Revolution

Question 2: Finds at Tall-i Malyan included primarily ________ and Middle Elamite cuneiform tablets, seals, and a pottery sequence important to dating the chronology of the region.
Jiroft cultureKassitesProto-ElamiteAccountancy

Question 3: Anshan fell under Persian Achaemenid rule in the ________, having been captured by Teispes (675–640 BC), who styled himself "King of the city of Anshan".
7th century BC8th century BC6th century BC5th century BC

Question 4: For another century during the period of Elamite decline, Anshan was a minor kingdom, until the Achaemenids in the ________ embarked on a series of conquests from Anshan, which became the nucleus of the Persian Empire.
6th century BC7th century BC8th century BC5th century BC

Question 5: Scientific excavation began in 1971 with a team, led by William Sumner, from the University of Pennsylvania and ________ after a survey in 1968.
Ohio State UniversityPennsylvania State UniversityCornell UniversityMichigan State University

Question 6: Following this, ________ of Lagash claimed to have subjugated Anshan, and the Neo-Sumerian rulers Shulgi and Shu-Sin of Ur are said to have maintained their own governors over the place.


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