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Ansbach: Quiz


Question 1: The counts of Oettingen ruled over Ansbach until the ________ burgraves of Nuremberg took over in 1331.
House of BourbonHouse of HohenzollernHohenzollern-SigmaringenHouse of Habsburg

Question 2: ________, Grand Master of the Teutonic Order and the first duke of Prussia.
George, Margrave of Brandenburg-AnsbachHouse of HohenzollernWilhelm II, German EmperorAlbert, Duke of Prussia

Question 3: armed forces, associated with German units under ________.
Non-Aligned MovementCentral Intelligence AgencyNATOAfghanistan

Question 4: ________ lived in Ansbach from 1830 to 1833.
Kaspar HauserFranceCologneGermany

Question 5: The nearby airbase was the home station for the Stab & I/KG53 (Staff & 1st Group of Kampfgeschwader 53) operating 38 ________ bombers.
Heinkel He 100Heinkel He 177Heinkel He 112Heinkel He 111

Question 6: Ansbach was a small town largely by-passed by the ________, an administrative and cultural center.
Thomas HighsWilliam RadcliffeTextile manufacture during the Industrial RevolutionIndustrial Revolution

Question 7: Ansbach was the birthplace of the pre-Linnean ________, Georg Christian Oeder.

Question 8: The Hohenzollerns made Ansbach the seat of their dynasty until their acquisition of the ________ in 1415.
PrussiaWestern PomeraniaMargraviate of BrandenburgFarther Pomerania

Question 9: In 1806 ________ ceded Ansbach and the Principality of Ansbach to Bavaria in exchange for the Bavarian duchy of Berg.
PrussiaEast PrussiaHamburgGerman Empire

Question 10: During World War II, a subcamp of ________ was located here.
Flossenb├╝rg concentration campDietrich BonhoefferDachau concentration campNuremberg


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