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Anonymous remailer: Quiz


Question 1: It is important to use up-to-date ________ when choosing remailers.
Mathematical statisticsRegression analysisStatisticsProbability

Question 2: Record and reputation: Consult remailer statistics sites, and check (________ search, news group postings, blogs, ...
Google LatitudeAndroid (operating system)GoogleGoogle Variations

Question 3: Security: Some ________ have worse security histories than others, even when properly configured, maintained, and administered)
UnixMac OS XLinuxOperating system

Question 4: More recent remailer designs use ________ in an attempt to provide more or less the same service, but without so much risk of loss of user confidentiality.
EspionageCryptographySignals intelligenceSteganography

Question 5: Note however, that even byte-by-byte inspection will not necessarily uncover such information since it can be easily concealed by encryption, ________, or simple unfamiliarity.

Question 6: The degree to which they remain vulnerable to forced disclosure (by courts or police) is and will remain unclear, since new statutes/regulations and new ________ developments proceed apace.
Enigma machineCryptographyData Encryption StandardCryptanalysis

Question 7: Less obviously, some software (eg, recent versions of ________ components -- Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc) includes (ordinarily invisible) identifying information in each formatted file it saves.
Microsoft Office 2010Microsoft Office LiveMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft Office 2007

Question 8: This happened to as a result of some traffic passed through it about ________.
ScientologyXenuScientology controversiesScientology status by country


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