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Anointing of the Sick: Quiz


Question 1: Some Protestant US military chaplains carry the ________ version of the Anointing of the Sick with them for use if called upon to assist wounded or dying soldiers who are Catholics.
Catholic ChurchGregorian chantSummorum PontificumRoman Rite

Question 2: In ________ and Fundamentalist communities, anointing of the sick is performed with varying degrees of frequency, although laying on of hands may be more common than anointing.
Protestant ReformationEvangelicalismEcumenismChristianity

Question 3: After the last anointing, the ________ is opened and placed with the writing down upon the head of the one who was anointed, and the senior priest reads the "Prayer of the Gospel".
Orthodox ChurchAltarGospel BookThurible

Question 4: In Charismatic and ________ communities, anointing of the sick is a frequent practice and has been an important ritual in these communities since the respective movements were founded in the 19th and 20th centuries.
CatholicismOneness PentecostalismPentecostalismChristianity

Question 5: Other Christians too, in particular ________, Lutherans and some other Protestant communities use a rite of anointing the sick, without necessarily classifying it as a sacrament.
AnglicanismCatholicismEcumenical councilEpiscopal Church (United States)

Question 6: ________ communities have the practice of anointing the sick, or have always offered the rite since the Protestant Reformation with varying degrees of frequency.
Apostles' CreedLutheranismSacramental unionDivine Service

Question 7: [15] It is blessed by the bishop of the diocese at the ________ Mass he celebrates on Holy Thursday or on a day close to it.
Orthodox ChurchPriestChrismCatholic Church

Question 8: [7] Use of this form is still permitted under the conditions mentioned in article 9 of the 2007 motu proprio ________.
Summorum PontificumTransubstantiationRoman Catholic theologyTridentine Mass

Question 9: Administration to the sick is one of the eight sacraments of the ________.
Council of Twelve Apostles (Community of Christ)History of the Community of ChristJoseph Smith IIICommunity of Christ

Question 10: A table is prepared, upon which is set a vessel containing ________.


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