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Annona: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (Sugar-apple, Sweetsop, Anón)
Annona squamosaPhilippinesAnnona reticulataAnnona cherimola

Question 2: ________ (Custard-apple, Bullock's-heart, Corazón)
Annona reticulataAnnona squamosaPortuguese languageAnnona cherimola

Question 3: Currently, seven Annona ________ and one hybrid are grown for domestic or commercial use mostly for the edible and nutritious fruits; several others also produce edible fruits.
LifeEvolutionBiological classificationSpecies

Question 4: Annona is the second largest genus, after Guatteria, in the plant family ________[3], containing approximately 110 species of mostly Neotropical and Afrotropical trees and shrubs.
Annona squamosaAnnona cherimolaAnnonaceaePawpaw

Question 5: Paleoethnobotanical studies have dated Annona exploitation and cultivation in the Yautepec River region of ________ to approximately 1000 BC.
NicaraguaMexicoPhilippinesUnited States

Question 6: Taprooted evergreen or semi-________ tropical trees or shrubs.
DeciduousPlantLeafAutumn leaf color


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