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Question 1: The system in use today was adopted sometime before 3925 AM (165 AD), and based on the calculation in the ________ of Rabbi Jose ben Halafta in about 160 AD.
Seder Olam RabbahMidrash SamuelTanna Devei EliyahuSeder Olam Zutta

Question 2: The medieval historian ________ dated creation to 18 March 3952 BC.
BedeJohn ChrysostomCatholic ChurchPope Gregory I

Question 3: Related to this is the ________'s Anno Lucis ("Year of Light", abbreviated A.L.), which adds 4000 years to the AD date.
Societas RosicrucianaAnti-MasonryCo-FreemasonryFreemasonry

Question 4: [2] The Jewish year spanning Sep 30, 2008 – Sep 19, 2009 AD, beginning and ending at ________, is 5769 AM in the Hebrew calendar.
Rosh HashanahHanukkahPassoverYom Kippur

Question 5: Years in the ________ are counted from the Creation year.
Liturgical yearIslamic calendarByzantine calendarHebrew calendar

Question 6: James Ussher (1654) dated creation to 23 October 4004 BC according to the Julian calendar, which in the ________ would be 21 September 4004 BC.
Islamic calendarGregorian calendarByzantine calendarTime

Question 7: The Etos Kosmou is the corresponding concept in the ________, which dates creation to 1 September 5509 BC.
Islamic calendarGregorian calendarTimeByzantine calendar

Question 8: [3][4] Earlier editions of the Roman Martyrology for ________ used this date,[5] as did the Irish Annals of the Four Masters.
Yule logChristmasWassailingYule

Question 9: Anno Mundi (Latin: "in the year of the world") abbreviated as AM or A.M., refers to a ________ counting from the Biblical creation of the world.
Islamic calendarGregorian calendarCalendar eraJulian calendar

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