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Anne Hutchinson: Quiz


Question 1: She also claimed that she could identify "the elect" (see article on ________) among the colonists[5].
First Great AwakeningRestorationism (Christian primitivism)Second Great AwakeningPredestination

Question 2: The Puritan leaders of the ________ gloated in her suffering and that of Mary Dyer, one of her followers who also suffered a miscarriage, labelling their misfortunes as the judgment of God.
Gloucester, MassachusettsMassachusetts Bay ColonyBostonCambridge, Massachusetts

Question 3: The group went to Pelham Bay, then part of ________, the Dutch possession which now is the Bronx in New York City.
New Netherland settlementsNew AmsterdamNew NetherlanderNew Netherland

Question 4: Upheld equally as a symbol of religious freedom, liberal thinking and ________, Anne Hutchinson is a contentious figure, having been lionized, mythologized and demonized by various writers.
Feminist theologyWomen's historyChristian feminismFeminist movement

Question 5: Elementary schools, such as in the town of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, and in the Westchester County towns of Pelham and ________ are other examples.
Eastchester (town), New YorkMamaroneck (village), New YorkHarrison, New YorkNorth Castle, New York

Question 6: Co-incidentally, another female river namesake, ________, is her neighbor at table in Judy Chicago's art installation The Dinner Party in the Brooklyn Museum.
SacagaweaIdahoLewis and Clark ExpeditionMissouri River

Question 7: Coddington purchased ________ island from the Indians and the settlement of Pocasset (now Portsmouth) was founded.
Middletown, Rhode IslandNewport, Rhode IslandProvidence, Rhode IslandAquidneck Island

Question 8: Some literary critics trace the character of ________ in The Scarlet Letter to Hutchinson's persecution in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
The Marble FaunThe Scarlet LetterYoung Goodman BrownNathaniel Hawthorne

Question 9: Among them were men like Sir Henry Vane, who would become the governor of the ________ in 1636.
Gloucester, MassachusettsCambridge, MassachusettsMassachusetts Bay ColonyBoston

Question 10: These positions caused John Cotton, ________, and other former friends to view her as an antinomian heretic.
John WinthropJohn KerryThomas DudleySimon Bradstreet


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