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Question 1: Anisotropic etching could also refer to certain chemical etchants which are etching a certain material preferentially over certain crystallographic planes (e.g., KOH etching of ________ [100] produces pyramid-like structures)

Question 2: ________ instruments measure this conductivity/resistivity and the results are used to help find oil and gas wells.
Drilling fluidWell loggingFormation evaluationAmericium

Question 3: In ________, the orientation of nuclei with respect to the applied magnetic field determines their chemical shift.
Electron paramagnetic resonanceNMR spectroscopyNuclear magnetic resonanceEmission spectrum

Question 4: There is evidence for a so-called "Axis of Evil"[1] in the early Universe that is at odds with the currently favored theory of rapid expansion after the ________.
Non-standard cosmologyInflation (cosmology)Big BangPhysical cosmology

Question 5: In this context, anisotropic systems refer to the electron distribution of molecules with abnormally high electron density, like the pi system of ________.

Question 6: ________ formations with distinct layers of sedimentary material can exhibit electrical anisotropy; electrical conductivity in one direction (e.g.
EarthNatureGeologyEarth science

Question 7: Many crystals are anisotropic to light ("optical anisotropy"), and exhibit properties such as ________.
Maxwell's equationsBirefringencePolarization (waves)Crystal optics

Question 8: This property is used in the gas and oil exploration industry to identify ________-bearing sands in sequences of sand and shale.

Question 9: Seismic anisotropy is an indicator of long range order in a material, where features smaller than the seismic ________ (e.g., crystals, cracks, pores, layers or inclusions) have a dominant alignment.
LightWavelengthDiffractionElectromagnetic radiation

Question 10: ________ use the term anisotropy to describe direction-dependent properties of materials.
Academic genealogy of theoretical physicistsNicolaas BloembergenList of physicistsList of theoretical physicists


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