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  • Animerica, launched in 1993, was one of the first American professional anime and manga magazines, and was one of the most popular throughout the 1990s?

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Question 1: [12] In July 2000, Animerica was named the Best English-language publication at the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation awards at ________.
Anime CentralSakura-ConAnime ExpoOtakon

Question 2: When Viz began publication of Animerica, it registered the name as a ________.
United States trademark lawTrademarkGenericized trademarkPublic domain

Question 3: Animerica is a quarterly digest published by ________.
Shonen Jump (magazine)Shojo BeatTokyopopViz Media

Question 4: A similar version was later added for ________ stores.
3MBest BuyTarget CorporationDairy Queen

Question 5: It initially started as a monthly magazine featuring reviews of ________ and manga titles, as well as related works.
Traditional animationAnimeSilhouette animationAnimation

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