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Question 1: On January 31, 1961, ________ was launched in a Mercury capsule aboard a Redstone rocket.
Holloman Air Force BaseNASAHam the ChimpMercury-Redstone 2

Question 2: sent two aboard Spacelab 3 on the ________ along with 24 rats and stick insect eggs.
Space ShuttleAres VApollo programAres I

Question 3: The first animal in orbit was the dog ________, launched aboard the Soviet Sputnik 2 spacecraft on November 3, 1957.
Space RaceLaikaNASASputnik 1

Question 4: Earlier shuttle missions included grade school, junior high and high school projects; some of these included ________, stick insect eggs and brine shrimp cysts.

Question 5: [7] On June 28, 2007, Bigelow launched ________, a near-twin to Genesis I.
International Space StationSpace habitatGenesis IISpace station

Question 6: The first ________ in space was launched September 14, 1968 by the Soviet Union.
GeocheloneGreen turtleTortoiseTurtle

Question 7: The United States launched Biosatellite I in 1966 and Biosatellite I/II in 1967 with fruit flies, parasitic wasps, flour beetles and frog eggs, along with bacteria, ________, plants and fungi.

Question 8: ________ on April 16, 1972 carried nematodes, and Apollo 17, launched on December 7, 1972 carried five pocket mice, although one died on the circumlunar trip.
Apollo 10Apollo 15Apollo 14Apollo 16

Question 9: A little over 3 months later the United States sent ________ into space.
Alan ShepardJohn Young (astronaut)Neil ArmstrongPete Conrad

Question 10: In September, 2007, during the European Space Agency's FOTON-M3 mission, ________, also known as water-bears, were able to survive 10 days of exposure to open-space with only their natural protection.
TardigradeCnidariaOnychophoraHypsibius dujardini


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