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Animals in Buddhism: Quiz


Question 1: Furthermore, animals possess ________ (according to the Mahāyāna school) and therefore an equal potential to become enlightened.
VajrayanaMahayana Mahaparinirvana SutraTathagatagarbha doctrineBuddha-nature

Question 2: This world was called Tiryagyoni in ________, Tiracchānayoni in Pāli.

Question 3: In January 2007, the 17th Karmapa, ________, instructed all his monasteries & centres to become vegetarian.
Rangjung Rigpe DorjeOgyen Trinley DorjeDüsum KhyenpaTrinley Thaye Dorje

Question 4: The position and treatment of ________ in Buddhism is important for the light it sheds on Buddhists' perception of their own relation to the natural world, on Buddhist humanitarian concerns in general, and on the relationship between Buddhist theory and Buddhist practice.


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