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Question 1: ________: Holocaust (sacrifice), Hecatomb
Ancient Egyptian religionPrehistoric religionReligion in ancient GreeceAmphidromia

Question 2: These sacrifices are mainly done at mandirs following the Shakti school of Hinduism where the female nature of ________ is worshipped in the form of Kali Ma and Durga.
Āstika and nāstikaBrahmanMonotheismMysticism

Question 3: Animal sacrifice is the ritual killing of an ________ as part of a religion.

Question 4: Animal sacrifice has turned up in almost all cultures, from the Hebrews to the Greeks and Romans and from the ________ to the Hindus.
Inca EmpireAztecMesoamerican chronologyPre-Columbian era

Question 5: Remnants of ancient rituals of animal sacrifice are apparent in many cultures, for example the Spanish bullfights, or kapparos in ________, or ritual slaughter procedures like shechita or ḏabīḥah in Judaism and Islam, respectively.

Question 6: ________: Equus October, Tauromachy, Taurobolium
Roman festivalsReligion in ancient RomeAncient RomeRoman mythology

Question 7: Animal sacrifices were common throughout the ________, as well as some of the Mediterranean islands.
Achaemenid EmpireAncient Near EastIron Age ChinaAncient history

Question 8: For example the Minoan culture of Phaistos on ________ reveals basins for animal sacrifice dating to the period 2000 to 1700 BC.

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