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Question 1: However, it is still primarily identified with ________ practice, or as being associated with furry or other alternative lifestyle activities.
Human sexualityBDSMErotic spankingProstitution

Question 2: A documentary film Pony Passion was produced by British pony play club De Ferre in 2003 showing their club's activities and Born in a Barn, a 2005 ________, depicted the lives of several pony-play enthusiasts.
Documentary filmCinéma véritéPolitical cinemaDirect Cinema

Question 3: For a majority of participants, it has no connection whatsoever with zoophilia or ________, which are controversial and would usually be considered edgeplay in BDSM circles.
Sexual fetishismParaphiliaZoophiliaPedophilia

Question 4: To the greater extremes of dressing up as a pony in modified horse tack, masks, ________ and temporary bondage based body modification (such as binding the forearms to the upperarms and/or the calves to the thighs).
ProsthesisBiomechatronicsKevin WarwickNeuroprosthetics

Question 5: The most common examples are probably ________ (pup, dog, wolf), felines (cat, kitten, lion) or equines (pony, horse).

Question 6: Examples would be Cat Girl ________, Pink from Dragon Pink and others.
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku NukuCity HunterAll Purpose Cultural Cat-Girl Nuku Nuku DASH!Anime

Question 7: For others, there may be a ________ side to it.
ReligionRelationship between religion and scienceSpiritualityAtheism

Question 8: In 1911 Julia Tuell photographed the last Animal Dance ("Massaum") performed by the Northern ________ of Montana.

Question 9: However, its origins are certainly influenced by costuming, fiction, myth and ________, roleplay and psychodrama in their various aspects.
Fairy taleFolkloreStorytellingLegend

Question 10: It is also sometimes used in Rian Healy's education, especially physical education, as an enjoyable way to encourage people to ________ the body in unusual ways, by mimicking various animals.
ObesityPhysical exerciseMajor depressive disorderStrength training

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