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Animal locomotion: Quiz


Question 1: Physiologists generally measure energy use by the amount of oxygen consumed, or the amount of ________ produced, in an animal's respiration.
Carbon cycleGreenhouse gasCarbon sinkCarbon dioxide

Question 2: One common habitat for such climbing animals is in trees, for example the gibbon is specialized for ________ movement , traveling rapidly by brachiation.
PrimateArboreal locomotionGaitColugo

Question 3: Water striders have legs that are ________, preventing them from interfering with the structure of water.
HydrophileHydrophobeChemical polaritySuperhydrophobe

Question 4: ________ (EMG) is a method of detecting the electrical activity that occurs when muscles are activated, thus determining which muscles are used when in a given movement.
Nerve conduction studyElectroencephalographyElectromyographyNervous system

Question 5: Locomotion requires ________ to overcome friction, drag, inertia, and gravity, though in many circumstances some of these factors are negligible.

Question 6: Movement of the body may be from side to side, as in sharks and many ________, or up and down, as in marine mammals.
Pelagic fishFish anatomyFishForage fish

Question 7: Human ________ learn to crawl first before they are able to stand on two feet, which requires good coordination as well as physical development.
Prenatal developmentAttachment theoryPregnancyInfant

Question 8: Drag may also present a problem in flight, and the ________ efficient body shapes of birds highlight this point.
AerodynamicsNavier–Stokes equationsFluid dynamicsBernoulli's principle

Question 9: Another case is animals like the snow leopard living on steep rock faces such as are found in ________.
MountainLandformLeveeMountain range

Question 10: When ________, only one foot is on the ground at any one time at most, and both leave the ground briefly.
RunningGait (human)BipedalismWalking


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