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Animal husbandry: Quiz


Question 1: Animal husbandry, also called animal science, stockbreeding or simple husbandry, is the ________ practice of breeding and raising livestock.
Sustainable agricultureIntensive farmingAgricultureOrganic farming

Question 2: A swineherd is a person who cares for hogs and pigs (older English term: ________).
PigWild boarCattleHippopotamus

Question 3: Graduates of these programs may be found working in the veterinary and human ________, the livestock and pet supply and feed industries, farming, ranching or in academia.
Pharmaceutical drugPharmaceutical industryClinical trialDrug discovery

Question 4: A cowherd cares for ________, and a shepherd ("sheepherd") tends sheep.
Wild boarWater BuffaloCattleDeer

Question 5: It has been practiced for thousands of years [1], since the first ________.
CattleDomesticationHybrid (biology)Livestock

Question 6: Students of animal science may pursue degrees in veterinary medicine following graduation, or go on to pursue master's degrees or doctorates in disciplines such as nutrition, ________ and animal breeding, or reproductive physiology.

Question 7: The science of animal husbandry is taught in many universities and ________ around the world.
Middle schoolPublic school (government funded)CollegeGymnasium (school)


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