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Question 1: This method of rendering invisible any part which would interfere with the resemblance is well known in ________.
PredationAggressive mimicryVavilovian mimicryMimicry

Question 2: many Lycaenidae) the tail and eye-spot combine to suggest the appearance of a head with antennae at the posterior end of the butterfly, the deception being aided by movements of the hind wings (see ________).
PredationMimicryVavilovian mimicryAggressive mimicry

Question 3: Colouration may also be function in ________ of other organisms.
Vavilovian mimicryPredationAggressive mimicryMimicry

Question 4: ________ (1890)The colours of Animals.
Julian HuxleyModern evolutionary synthesisE. B. FordEdward Bagnall Poulton

Question 5: Organisms living in the same environment may come to have similar colouration through ________.
Parallel evolutionConvergent evolutionBirdCountershading

Question 6: Certain ________ similarly throw off their claws when attacked, and the claws continue to snap most actively.
CrabSea urchinCrab fisheriesLobster

Question 7: ________ (The Auk, vol.
New HampshireAbbott Handerson ThayerTheodore RooseveltUnited States

Question 8: The tails of ________, which easily break off, are to be similarly explained, the attention of the pursuer being probably still further diverted by the extremely active movements of the amputated member.

Question 9: More recent theories by the likes of ________ and Amotz Zahavi (see handicap principle) have also been proposed.
Natural selectionW. D. HamiltonJohn Maynard SmithRonald Fisher

Question 10: Thus the ________ appears to be an insectivorous bird which will freely devour conspicuously coloured unpalatable larvae.
AntbirdBird migrationChannel-billed CuckooCuckoo


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