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Question 1: In return, the King of the Congo could offer plenty of slaves, ________, and minerals.

Question 2: Within a short time it was clear that Angola would fall into ________ as soon as the Portuguese left.
Anarcho-capitalismAnarchyLibertarian socialismAnarchism

Question 3: By 4 February the Portuguese military responded to the rebellion by bombing villages in the area, allegedly using ________, killing up to 7,000 indigenous Africans.
Korean WarUnited StatesIncendiary deviceNapalm

Question 4: Economic and social recession, Marxist totalitarianism, corruption, poverty, ________ and failed central planning eroded the initial revolutionary fervour.
InequalityAdditionReal numberPartially ordered set

Question 5: [31][37] Secretary of State Henry Kissinger considered any government involving the pro-Soviet, Communist MPLA, to be unacceptable and President ________ oversaw heightened aid to the FNLA.
George H. W. BushRichard NixonGerald FordRonald Reagan

Question 6: [33] Leaders of the Organization of African Unity organized a peace conference moderated by Kenyan President ________ with the three leaders in Nakuru, Kenya in June.
I. T. A. Wallace-JohnsonJomo KenyattaKwame NkrumahMuammar al-Gaddafi

Question 7: The Portuguese conducted ________ sweeps against MPLA forces in 1972, destroying some MPLA camps.
Military historyCounter-insurgencyChemical warfareWar

Question 8: The USA, for example, were concerned with the possibility of a Marxist regime being established in ________.

Question 9: [26] Neto met Marxist leader ________ in 1965 and soon received funding from the governments of Cuba, German Democratic Republic, and the Soviet Union.
Che GuevaraFidel CastroChe (film)Guerrillero Heroico

Question 10: The Portuguese brought firearms and many other technological advances, as well as a new religion, ________.
EcumenismChristian denominationBaptistChristianity


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