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Question 1: The languages today which are closest to Old English are the ________, which are spoken by a few hundred thousand people in the northern part of Germany and the Netherlands.
Saterland Frisian languageWest Frisian languageFrisian languagesNorth Frisian language

Question 2: The ________ is a collection of important early English history.
Anglo-Saxon ChronicleWessexAnglo-SaxonsAlfred the Great

Question 3: Woden, the Anglo-Saxon equivalent of ________: Wednesday
OdinSleipnirThorNorse mythology

Question 4: *Fríge, the Anglo-Saxon equivalent of ________: Friday
Germanic paganismValkyrieFriggThor

Question 5: In all there are about 400 surviving ________ from the period, a significant corpus of both popular interest and specialist research.
Manuscript cultureManuscriptPapyrusBook

Question 6: ________ was introduced into Northumbria and Mercia by monks from Ireland, but the Synod of Whitby settled the choice for Roman Christianity.
Britons (historical)CeltsCeltic artCeltic Christianity

Question 7: Anglo-Saxon art before roughly the time of Alfred (ruled 871–899) is mostly in varieties of the ________ or Insular style, a fusion of Anglo-Saxon and Celtic techniques and motifs.
Celtic ChristianityCeltic artInsular artMigration Period art

Question 8: The ________ treasure is an exceptional survival of very early Anglo-Saxon metalwork and jewellery, from a royal grave of the early 7th century.
HroðgarBeowulf (hero)BeowulfSutton Hoo

Question 9: By 1066 there were three lords with claims to the English throne, resulting in two invasions and the battles of Stamford Bridge and Hastings, the results of which established ________ rule in England.
Glorious RevolutionEnglish peopleAnglo-NormanHeptarchy

Question 10: The Parker Library holds the ________ which contains text that may be the first recorded indications of the movement of these Germanic Tribes to Britain.
WessexAlfred the GreatAnglo-Saxon ChronicleAnglo-Saxons


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