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Question 1: Over time their language evolved from the continental Old Norman to the distinct ________.
JèrriaisGuernésiaisAnglo-Norman languageJersey Legal French

Question 2: The Anglo-Normans were mainly the descendants of the Normans who ruled ________ following the Norman conquest by William of Normandy in 1066.
WalesUnited KingdomScotlandEngland

Question 3: A number of free geburs had their rights and court access much decreased, becoming unfree ________.
SlaveryAbolitionismSerfdomArab slave trade

Question 4: Following the ________, the invading Normans and their descendants formed a distinct population in Britain, as Normans controlled all of England, parts of Wales (the Cambro-Normans) and, after 1169, vast swathes of Ireland (the Hiberno-Normans).
BulverhytheNorman conquest of EnglandBattle of HastingsSilverhill, East Sussex

Question 5: Many of the ________ nobles lost lands and titles; the lesser thegns and others found themselves lower down the social order than previously.
FrisiansAnglesGermanic peoplesAnglo-Saxons

Question 6: The Norman settlers felt no community with the earlier Danish settlers, despite the fact that some of the Normans were themselves descendants of the ________.
ScandinaviaVikingViking AgeDenmark

Question 7: The ________, being a conquest by a people whose tongue and institutions were different from those of the English in many respects, was an event of an altogether different character from the Danish conquest, a conquest by a people whose tongue and institutions were more akin to those of the English.
English peopleHistory of EnglandNorman conquest of EnglandKingdom of England


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