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Question 1: The current Archbishop of Canterbury as of 2003, ________ is the first appointed from outside the Church of England since the Reformation: he was formerly the Archbishop of Wales.
Thomas CranmerWilliam LaudMatthew ParkerRowan Williams

Question 2: Whilst never actively endorsed by the Anglican Church, many Anglicans unofficially have adopted the Augustinian "________" doctrine.
AristotleJust WarPlatoThomas Aquinas

Question 3: The question often arises as to whether the Anglican Communion should be identified as a Protestant or ________ church, or perhaps as a distinct branch of Christianity altogether.
Ecumenical councilCatholicismCatholicBishop

Question 4: The twentieth century saw the Church of England developing new forms of evangelism such as the ________ in 1990 which was developed and propagated from Holy Trinity Brompton Church in London.
Alpha courseBaptistAnglicanismCatholic Church

Question 5: The group rapidly gained popularity amongst Anglican intellectuals, including Vera Brittain, ________ and former British political leader George Lansbury.
SoulMysticismCatholic ChurchEvelyn Underhill

Question 6: In the United Kingdom, the publication of Daily Prayer, the third volume of ________ was published in 2005.
LectionaryCommon WorshipRevised Common LectionaryAlternative Service Book

Question 7: In the nineteenth century, Anglican biblical scholarship began to assume a distinct character, represented by the so-called "Cambridge triumvirate" of Joseph Lightfoot, F. J. A. Hort, and ________.
Richard NeileJoseph Barber LightfootBrooke Foss WestcottRichard Foxe

Question 8: Only baptised persons are eligible to receive communion,[35] although in many churches communion is restricted to those who have not only been baptised but also ________.
BishopHoly OrdersCatholic ChurchConfirmation

Question 9: [3] There are, however, a small number of churches outside of the Anglican Communion which also consider themselves to be in the Anglican tradition, most notably those referred to as ________ churches.
Traditional Anglican CommunionContinuing Anglican movementAnglican Church in AmericaAnglicanism

Question 10: The Evangelical Revival, influenced by such figures as ________ and Charles Simeon, re-emphasised the importance of justification through faith and the consequent importance of personal conversion.
Charles WesleyJohn WesleyUnited Methodist ChurchMethodism


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