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Anglican ministry: Quiz


Question 1: However, in some member churches where mission societies have been instrumental in their continuing development, parish priests are called ________.
United StatesChaplainUnited KingdomMilitary Chaplain

Question 2: Archdeacons are usually styled the Venerable instead of the ________.
ClergyNunThe ReverendRabbi

Question 3: However, bishops are permitted to wear other colours, and the current ________, Rowan Williams, is frequently seen wearing a black cassock.
William LaudArchbishop of CanterburyThomas CranmerChurch of England

Question 4: When presiding at the ________, most Anglican bishops now wear albs, stoles and chasubles.
Eucharistic theologySacramental breadEucharistTransubstantiation

Question 5: Other churches have followed the example of the ________ by calling the primate Presiding Bishop, or President Bishop.
Episcopal Church (United States)AnglicanismCatholicismHistory of the Episcopal Church

Question 6: Bishops carry a crosier as the sign of their ministry, and, on formal occasions, often wear a mitre and ________.
Catholic ChurchMass (liturgy)CopeSurplice

Question 7: carrying the processional cross, candles, ________, gospel book or bible, and/or other items in processions to and from the altar, and, in certain cases, at the altar;
Paschal candleThuribleLiturgical bookGospel (liturgy)

Question 8: Although deacons are fully members of the clergy (they wear clerical collars and are styled the Reverend), they are not permitted to preside at the ________, bless people or absolve sins.
Sacramental breadEucharistic theologyTransubstantiationEucharist

Question 9: Unlike the other laypeople serving in the chancel, who will usually be attired in an alb or ________, the subdeacon wears a tunicle, a vestment distinct to the office, over the alb, sometimes with a maniple.
SurpliceChoir dressCassockBishop

Question 10: The Archbishop of Canterbury is the ________, or first among equals, of the Anglican Communion.
PopeCommonwealth realmPrimus inter paresSwitzerland


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