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Question 1: A fixed-wing aircraft by definition is stalled at or above the critical angle of attack rather than at or below a particular ________.
Airspeed (disambiguation)Pitot tubeAirspeed indicatorAirspeed

Question 2: In ________, the angle of attack is the angle between a mid-sail and the relative wind.
YachtingSailingCatalina YachtsYacht racing

Question 3: At the same time, below the critical angle of attack, as angle of attack increases, the air begins to flow less smoothly over the upper surface of the ________ and begins to separate from the upper surface.
Wingtip deviceLift (force)AirfoilStall (flight)

Question 4: Takeoff and landing operations from short runways, such as Naval Aircraft Carrier operations and ________ back country flying, aircraft may be equipped with angle of attack or Lift Reserve indicators.
Cessna 340Cessna 150STOLCessna 182

Question 5: The lift coefficient of a ________ varies uniquely with angle of attack.
Aviation historyGlider (sailplane)Powered hang gliderFixed-wing aircraft

Question 6: ________ operations require the aircraft to be able to operate at the critical angle of attack during landings and best angle of climb during takeoffs.
Cessna 150Cessna 182STOLCessna 340

Question 7: In aviation, angle of attack is used to describe the angle between the chord line of the wing of a ________ and the vector representing the relative motion between the aircraft and the atmosphere.
Powered hang gliderFixed-wing aircraftGlider (sailplane)Aviation history


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