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Angioedema: Quiz


Question 1: In contrast, consumption of bromelain in combination with ________ may be beneficial in reducing symptoms.

Question 2: perforated ________) it is possible for undiagnosed HAE patients to undergo laparotomy (operations on the abdomen) or laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) that turns out to have been unnecessary.

Question 3: In all forms of HAE, swelling may also occur in the ________ and other organs.
PeritonitisHuman gastrointestinal tractColorectal cancerAscending cholangitis

Question 4: ________ (FFP) can be used as an alternative to C1-INH concentrate.
Fresh frozen plasmaPlateletBlood plasmaBlood

Question 5: Cases where angioedema progresses rapidly should be treated as a medical emergency as airway obstruction and ________ can occur.
Hypoxia (medical)Decompression sicknessAsphyxiaAltitude sickness

Question 6: Sometimes, there has been recent exposure to an ________ (e.g.
AutoimmunityImmune systemAllergenCell-mediated immunity

Question 7: Bradykinin is released by various cell types in response to numerous different stimuli; it is also a ________ mediator.
NociceptorPain managementChronic painPain

Question 8: This often involves male sex hormones (________), which increase production of C1-INH in the liver through an as yet unknown mechanism.

Question 9: ________ is a commonly prescribed antihistamine for angioedema.

Question 10: ________ is required in these situations to prevent respiratory arrest and risk of death.
EpinephrineIntubationBag valve maskCardiopulmonary resuscitation


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