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Anger: Quiz


Question 1: Emotion caused by discrimination of stimulus features, thoughts, or memories however occurs when its information is relayed from the ________ to the neocortex.
Dentatothalamic tractVentral posterolateral nucleusThalamusSubthalamic nucleus

Question 2: [citation needed] People tend to express their anger either passively or aggressively through the ________.
Fight-or-flight responseStress (biology)BrainEpinephrine

Question 3: Another example of widespread deflection of anger from its actual cause toward scapegoating, Fiero says, was the blaming of Jews for the economic ills of ________ by the Nazis.

Question 4: [24] A person can respond with hostile action, including overt ________, or they can respond with hostile inaction, such as withdrawing or stonewalling.
ViolenceRussiaFranceWorld War II

Question 5: In the ________ Krishna regards greed, anger, and lust as what leads to hell.
Vyadha GitaBhagavad GitaMahabharataVyasa

Question 6: ________ considered being given to uncontrollable passions as a kind of illness.
SoulMaimonidesAverroesThomas Aquinas

Question 7: Buddhist monks, such as ________, the spiritual leader of Tibetans in exile, sometimes get angry.
Dalai Lama14th Dalai Lama13th Dalai Lama5th Dalai Lama

Question 8: Novaco recognized three modalities of anger: cognitive (appraisals), somatic-________ (tension and agitations) and behavioral (withdrawal and antagonism).
Social psychology (psychology)Affect (psychology)PsychologyEmotion

Question 9: ________ on the other hand, ascribed some value to anger that has arisen from perceived injustice because it is useful for preventing injustice.
Bertrand RussellEmpiricismPlatoAristotle

Question 10: ________ elaborates Seneca's advices.
Roger BaconRelationship between religion and scienceRené DescartesAverroes

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