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Angelo Buono, Jr.: Quiz


Question 1: The jury convicted Buono on nine counts of ________.

Question 2: A self-described "ladies' man", Buono persuaded his younger cousin to join him in ________ the women and young girls they brought to bed, holding them as virtual prisoners.
Sex and the lawProstitutionProstitution by countrySexual ethics

Question 3: Angelo Buono, Jr. (October 5, 1934 – September 21, 2002) was an American ________.
Lust murderSerial killerTorture murderInternet homicide

Question 4: In the time leading up to the killings, Buono had already developed a long criminal history, ranging from failure to pay child support and grand theft auto to ________ and rape.
ArsonAssaultBattery (crime)Murder

Question 5: The presiding judge, Ronald M. George, denied the ________.
Civil procedureJudgment notwithstanding verdictCommon lawMotion (legal)

Question 6: The jury sentenced Buono to life imprisonment, with George commenting that he felt a ________ would have been the appropriate punishment.
StoningTortureCapital punishmentReligion and capital punishment

Question 7: In 2007, Buono's grandson, Christopher Buono, committed ________ shortly after shooting his grandmother, Mary Castillo, in the head.
EuthanasiaCremationSuicideDeath and culture

Question 8: Buono was born in Rochester, New York to first generation ________ emigrants from San Buono, Italy.
Armenian AmericanIrish AmericanItalian AmericanGerman American

Question 9: In the 1989 film The Case of the Hillside Stranglers, Buono was portrayed by actor ________.
Miami ViceMichael Mann (director)ChicagoDennis Farina

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