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Question 1:
What type is thing is Anesthesiologist?

Question 2:
When was Anesthesiologist formed?
see professional requirements
Dec. 1992

Question 3: Some anesthesiologists pursue additional training in control of Chronic Pain and are certified as ________ specialists.
Addiction medicineAnesthesiaPsychiatryPain management

Question 4: An anethetist (________), or anesthesiologist (US English), also "anaesthesiologist," is a medical doctor trained to administer anesthesia (e.g.
English languageAmerican EnglishBritish EnglishCanadian English

Question 5: general surgery, neurosurgery or invasive urological and ________ procedures), followed by a rotation on various intensive-care and intermediate-care units.
GynaecologySexual medicineAndrologyReproductive medicine

Question 6: Traditionally (before the advent of the Foundation Programme)trainees have entered anaesthetics from other specialities, such as medicine or ________.
EpinephrineEmergency departmentEmergency medicineEmergency medical services


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