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Anemone: Quiz


Question 1:
What classis does Anemone belong to?

Question 2: The story of Adonis' death is found in ________'s Metamorphoses (book X), where Venus transforms the blood of her dead lover, Adonis, into an Anemone.
Roman EmpireOvidRoman RepublicHeroides

Question 3:
What family does Anemone belong to?

Question 4:
What genus does Anemone belong to?

Question 5:
What kind of animal is a Anemone?

Question 6: ________ died of his wounds while hunting wild boar.
AstarteEl (deity)AdonisMelqart

Question 7: During the ________, British soldiers were nicknamed "Kalaniyot" for their red berrets.
British EmpireBritish Mandate of PalestineJordanGibraltar

Question 8: Anemone (pronounced /əˈnɛməniː/, from Greek Άνεμος 'wind'), is a genus of about 120 species of flowering plants in the buttercup family ________ in the north and south temperate zones.

Question 9: Anemone species are sometimes targeted by cutworms, the larvae of noctuid ________ such as Angle Shades and Heart and Dart.

Question 10: The Anemone coronaria ("Kalanit" in ________) is one of the best-known and beloved flowers in Israel.
Biblical HebrewHebrew languageMishnaic HebrewSamaritan Hebrew language

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